Two year Higher Secondary courses in arts taught in the college is governed by the rules regulations of AHSEC. The courses comprise two examination viz.
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  • First Year and
  • Final Year. Promotion to 2nd or Final Year depends on the successful completion of first year annual examination conducted by the College.

Refer to the Eligibility Page.

Students passing from Boards other than SEBA will have to produce Migration Certificate at the time of admission.

Promoted students are allowed to take admission in second year without making any change in the combinations opted in first year. Re admission in the Second year will be allowed to those Second year students who followed NCERT syllabus.

Core Subjects:

  • English
  • MIL (Bengali/Manipuri/Hindi/Alternative English)

Elective Subjects:

  • Economics, Political Science, Logic & Philosophy, History, Advance Bengali, Advance Manipuri

  • English ‐ 100 Marks
  • MIL ⁄ Alt. English ‐ 100 Marks
  • Three Elective Subjects ‐ 100 Marks each

Total Marks ‐ 500 Marks

N.B.: Students can take Assamese or any other MIL on their own initiative. However One of the elective subjects may be offered as Additional or optional subject.


  • Optional or additional subject carries no direct benefit. However, appropriate authority may consider it as elective in case a candidate fails in any one of the elective subjects.
  • More than one language subject can not be offered as elective. In the matter of combination, decision of the Admission Committee shall stand final.

  • One should have 75% of attendance both in theory. 65% attendance may be considered only on special, justifiable ground and must be certified by the Principal.
  • One should have to obtain qualifying marks in the unit tests , which is 40% of marks allotted for each test and final assessment test.
  • A candidate shall be allowed to appear in those papers only in which he/she has secured qualifying marks in unit test.